Sunday, July 14, 2019

Monday Morning Ministry Minute June 15th

What's New
Here is the link for our July Prayer letter

We had a good week in Szolnok at Bible Baptist Church at their English Club. 8 children accepted Christ. Praise the Lord. 

Our Residents permit arrived and we are good to stay for 2 more years. 
This is Pastor Zoltán, he is doing the final review of the new Thank you tract before it was sent to the printers.
Faith can move mountains! We had a huge pothole at the end of the drive. I asked Micah to fill it in, he said he didn't have any gravel. I said well then you better pray for some, then these random guys pulled up and filled in the hole! 
The kids and teachers of this year's Angol Tábor or English Camp in Szolnok. 8 children made a profession of faith. Praise the Lord. 
Oh look at the cute little lawn decorations... Found this false god in the local hardware store. Pray for the truth to prevail. 

Monday, July 8, 2019

Monday Morning Ministry Minute

What's New
We are STILL waiting for our visa response. I was told when I first started ministering in Hungary by a friend, "Everything in Hungary takes longer and cost more" This has yet to be disproved.
Example, I ordered 100 business cards and had a local printer to print them. They cost 200% more than they would in the states.

Senja and I finalizing a tract that we will get to the printers this week. I spent time contacting several printers looking for the best deal.  This tract is a "Köszönjük" or "Thank you" tract, that we can hand out to those that help us.

Our home internet was finally connected this week. This allowed us to be ministered to through several of our supporting churches through facebook live and youtube. Thank you to Anchor Baptist Church and Pastor Bell, and Calvary Road Baptist Church and Pastor Kleitz for having these services online.  

There is a lot on the to-do list this week, most of all is meeting people and building relations that point to Christ. Please pray for the Lord to direct our paths. 
A long bus in Budapest traffic. 
One of the streets in our neighbourhood. 

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Monday, July 1, 2019

Monday morning ministry minute

What's New
We are still waiting for the visas to arrive, I did receive a email that they were in the printing process.
We purchased a new bed that I thought would be wonderful turned out to be harder than a rock! In the process of returning it the car died. So there I sat at the store with a dead car. Funny thing was since moving to a new town and not knowing anyone my goal for the day was to find a mechanic and towing company to be prepared for when I had car needs. Unfortunately, I hadn't done that yet so I did not know who to call for help. To make it worse I dropped my phone and it completely died! So, stay calm Jason 😀, I decided to fix it myself. I am not a mechanic but I had to try. Step one. Get a new phone, without YouTube I am useless... Lol jk. Luckily we broke down in the shopping centre so 2 of my kids and I went to the "Best Buy" here and purchased a new phone. Well it was a hot day for sure and just outside the store was a lemonade stand. Ha! PRAISE THE LORD refreshing lemonade.
The car was fixed, needed a new fuse. I had to buy tools and find parts stores and use my language skills that are still limited but we drove home about 4 hours later. 
The point of the story is the new friendship that is developing as a result of the car the heat and the broken phone. All BAD things that could make for a BAD day but I choose to let the Lord lead through the challenge and as a result we meet Claudia. She is the worker at the lemonade stand. In a few hours the family will be meeting her for lunch and games at Burger King. Building relationships with people to lead them to Lord is the only reason to be in Hungary. 

Micah and Laura at the lemonade stand.
The second King of Hungary, Stephen, turned Hungary over to Mother Mary before he died. These false promises are why we have come to Hungary. Sharing the truth of the Bible. These idols are all over the place reminding me of the 10 million souls who are in need of the Saviour. 
I have no idea what to do... 
Taken on the Hungarian boarder of Austria. Reminds me of the harvest that is ready.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Monday morning ministry minute

What's New
Spent time this week walking around Szombathely and getting to know the area. Looking for the Lords leading on timing and location for a new church plant.

Senja and I along with our translation friend Éva are working on translation of new tracts.

We are waiting not so patiently by the post box for our new 2 year visa application approval. After receiving these documents I will feel much better.. Lol

Please pray for us as we begin building relationships with the people of Szombathely. 
Some useful words we need to learn about the parking meters. 
Laura was very excited to order this "fank" all by her self in Hungarian. 

Monday, June 17, 2019

Monday morning ministry minute

What's New

This past week has been a long week. Our things were scattered around a bit in 3 different houses so I spent a lot of time driving around gathering, cleaning and getting things to the new city location. Some days were 10 hours of driving some less but through it all the Lord gave us safety.
Our new used car was in the shop getting some things done (in the shop for a week, this is quick for Hungary standards) so our first trip (4 hours with no traffic) we actually spilt up and Senja and Heidi took the train while me and the other kids drove the moving van. It was interesting timing to get to the house, unload and get to the train station to get the rest of the family... Lol

For Father's day Senja and the kids took me to a "Mexican" restaurant near the new house, it was good for but not really Mexican...

While I was traveling Senja and the kids started exploring the city, I would come back to lots of exciting stories about our new mission field.
I think this week is going to be a rest week but then again resting up I might get bored and start getting into trouble.

Please pray for the salvation of our Landlord and his family, they have been extra kind toward us and we hope to build a friendship that will lead them to the Saviour.
Please pray for us as we continue to reach out to our new city with the Gospel.
Please pray for us as we continue to learn Hungarian, all of our travel this week has provided great opportunity to practice what we learned in Texas as we interact with the people. 

A city center fountain in Szombathely. 
A funny chart pretending to explain the joy of learning Hungarian. It's actually much harder. :) 
I was able to order this all in Hungarian! Big success for me. 

Monday, June 10, 2019

Monday morning ministry minute

What's New
What a wonderful week! What a exciting exhausting week with over 1500 miles driven in the few days we have been back, also all inside the country, we have been chasing our tails in circles.
Praise God for safety as we have had several very close major accidents. Driving in Hungary is a great challenge at times with narrow roads and high speeds.

Several goals faced us last Sunday, a good used car, a temporary home as we seek to purchase a home, and most importantly our renewed visas.

I praise the Lord for allowing us to achieve these goals. This coming Thursday we will be moving into Szombathely. This city to my knowledge is relatively untouched with the gospel. 80 thousand people call this home, over half are Catholic and 38 % have a unknown veiw of religion. Of religion is not the answer but Christ alone.

Please continue to pray for our home purchase, for wisdom in the purchase process and for the funds to be provided.
Please pray as we continue to learn Hungarian, I am amazed at our progress because of our training in Texas.
Please pray for Szombathely and our outreach efforts as we settle in.
Mark 4:14 The sower soweth the word.
Ice cream fellowship
Gifts from friends
Language learning
Long drives

Monday, June 3, 2019

Monday morning ministry minute

What's New
Jet lag has its way of winning. This week has been a long week traveling back to Hungary, but a good week.

Yesterday we had a great time of reunion with friends at Bible Baptist Church in Szolnok. Micah preached and did a great job.

We spent the week preparing for this coming week. Car shopping, visa application preparation and house hunting. Things in Hungary go very slowly but we are thankful for good health and so far a kinda smooth transition back.

Prayer list
Please pray for the 10 million people who need the gospel!
Please pray our visa process will be smooth and accepted.
Please pray for us to find a house to live in this week. We are currently living in a Airbnb house for 3 more weeks.

Thank you!